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Euro Solar is a leading global provider of solar panels and systems. We are the current #1 retailer in Australia and you can see what our customers have to say about us by reading the reviews page.

We promise

Unmatched technical expertise

  • Access to the largest range of solar PV panels and converters in Australia with great technical expertise.
  • PV components that have been rigorously designed and tested by top-performing manufacturers.

Faster-than-average turnaround times

  • Your residential or commercial property will begin generating clean electricity within an average of 3 weeks. This is nearly half the turnaround time that most installers provide.
  • This 3-week period includes sizing, design, permits, incentives, and the actual installation process itself. However, we don’t and the actual installation process itself.
  • We’re able to have you up and running with as few delays as possible – regardless of system size.

Unbeatable pricing

  • Given our huge supplier network and long-standing vendor relationships, we routinely receive volume discounts.
  • No solar installer in Australia can approach the level of service we provide – certainly not at the prices we charge. You can check out our solar packages for a great price.

Unrivalled customer support

  • Customer care centres in all the main centres in all the main Australian cities.
  • Every solar PV system that we provide comes with a ten-year workmanship warranty that protects you from any defects resulting from improper installation. It is more than twice the coverage that most PV contractors offer.
  • All of our solar PV systems come with 30-year panel warranties that protect you from equipment-related malfunctions.

Take advantage of Australia’s generous amount of sunlight by investing in solar panels from Euro solar. With the electricity prices rising across Australia, minimize your household expenditure by installing a solar panel. At Eurosolar, we offer great deals with solar system capacity ranging from 1.5 kW to 20 kW. Our 5KW systems are extremely competitively priced while our 10KW systems are the best value in Australia.  In additional, we have special offers at best value prices that often comes with supplementary items such as upgradable inverters and extra panels.

Euro Solar is a customer driven company and is confident in highlighting our performance and price warranty. As one of the main solar panel provider in Australia, we are proud to put forward an outstanding track record and great reviews from our customers. Check out the testimonials and see what our customers have to say about their satisfaction with our services.

Not limited to big cities such as Melbourne, Hobart and Cairns, our solar panel installation service also covers regional areas in Victoria and other states. Take a tour of our Facebook and Google+ page to find out more about our past project work.

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In general, solar power generated from the sun’s emissions is some of the cleanest and greenest sustainable energy available. In correlation with technological advancements and further research, solar energy is now one of the cheapest electrical sources. It is also a major environmentally-friendly resource for future generations.

Feed In Tariff

Solar Feed-in Tariffs are a payment for Energy obtained from your solar system which is fed back into the grid. State governments across Australia have adopted different approaches to what is usually referred to as a Feed-In Tariff.

Although the premium tariffs are no longer in place, homeowners can take advantage of low solar PV system prices. Increasing electricity bills are now the main reason to invest in a solar PV system, as it offers homeowners a real means of taking control of their energy bills.

These days, some retailers offer customers a feed-in tariff on excess solar energy being fed into the grid.

To find out more about what tariff you’re entitled to, contact your energy retailer.

Prices in the industry.

Skyrocketing electrical prices has pushed businesses and homeowners to look for cheaper, sustainable methods of powering their properties. Even without any government feed-in tariff incentives, there are many benefits to installing a sustainable energy system to power your property. Solar panels are the ideal option to produce your own power and drive down the cost of your exorbitant electricity bills.

At Euro Solar, we provide professional installation services to ensure you maximize the power of the sun to your advantage. Solar systems have dramatically reduced in price and we still beat the competition by 5.5% to ensure you receive the best price possible. Compared to the market only a few years ago, solar panels have almost dropped to only a quarter of their original price. With sustainable energy so affordable, why not make the switch?

We are committed to providing homes across Australia with sustainable energy solutions.Protecting your finances, your future and the environment is all provided through the installation of our systems.

Join the Australian Brand

There are currently over 1 million rooftops adorned with solar systems across Australia. We can provide you with a free quote for your installation and you can become a part of the environmental movement. Protect your future generations with a commitment to renewable power sources.

Across the ACT the average rooftop receives approximately 3.8 hours of peak sunlight each day. This peak period is the ideal time for producing energy from your solar panels. When factoring in the average peak sun times with the kW of panel chosen, the production of an average Canberra home is as follows (panel – power production).

These are approximations only, but can offer you a rough guide on which system will be most beneficial for your property. Our professional team will be able to offer you comprehensive advice on what panel size and system you will need to meet your consumption needs.