Euro solar Review #33

“We installed a 5.5kw system, 22 panels with a Sunny Boy inverter which boosted the cost from $#### to $#### but well worth the extra based on advice we received from our solar guy at the farm. Euro Solar were not the cheapest but the installation was done on the nominated day without any problems and finished by lunchtime.

Because of the size of the system, the installing electrician added some extra bits to the fuse box ($#‪#‎cash‬), so that the house would use the solar power first and any left over would go to the grid.
If a dull day and our use is more than is being generated we top up from the grid, a combination of solar and grid.

Energex has now changed the main meter, the system is working and on a sunny day we are generating almost 5000 watts, more than enough to run fridge, pool etc.

Have also changed all the lights to LEDs so our grid usage at night is minimal and hot water remains off-peak. They read the meter yesterday so will be interesting to see the next few bills, hopefully we will be in credit or a minimal amount.