Eurosolar Review – Philip from NSW

My wife and I have been supporters of Solar Energy for a long time, but we waiting for home installation to reach the right point before we acted. [Euro Solar’s] consultant was able to convince us that this was the right time to act, and configured a 3kW system that was appropriate for our usage (with a good reserve capability) at an attractive price. He was able to answer all of the questions that we sought to have clarified and gave us confidence that the installation process would be trouble free.

For an extra degree of assurance, we sent the quote up to our younger son in Queensland who is a graduate solar engineer. He confirmed that the sizing of the system was optimal for our needs and gave a tick of approval to the equipment to be installed (in particular, the SMA inverter which he believes is the best available).

Come the day of installation and the install team did not appear in the timeframe that we had been told to expect them. However they did ring to explain that they had a prior job to do down on the coast and as luck would have it, the mountain pass that they would have to use to reach our highlands location had been closed for repair. They re-scheduled their appointment to take in account that fact that they would have to drive a considerable extra distance to reach us via another route. In fact, we did not see them until quite late in the day but they called us again in the interim to advise on their progress. When they did arrive, I was impressed with the speed and smoothness of the job done. You could see the advantage they had gained from doing may such installations before ours. They were also a happy, cheerful bunch which I think makes the customer experience just that much better.

Since installation, the system has run exactly as predicted. The only problem we experienced was out of Euro Solar’s control when the electricity supplier did not process our documentation properly, but that was correctly and all is well now. Our first electricity bill since the install has shown a significant decrease in the amount we pay. When the cost of home batteries has come down to the point of a being a good economic proposition, we will incorporate one into our system and we expect that our electricity costs will be insignificant from then on.

Since installation, Euro Solar has taken the time to call us and confirm that all is performing up to our expectations. We certainly appreciate this after sales experience.

When it all boils down, when purchasing something, you will try to do so from someone who gives you confidence that they will do the right thing for you. We have such confidence in Euro Solar.

Philip – NSW